Lucy Lu

Richard Mosse: The Impossible Image



Smoking Place For Emloyees on Flickr.
Ostrava, Czech Republic February 2014 Smoking place for employess of Sungwoo Hightech, a supplier of car parts.

Scrabster, Caithness - 12/02/2013
Hin Chua
from the “After the Fall" series

Fox Pup / Yellowknife / 2014
Mathieu Hotte
street photography
Shane Lynam
from the “Fifty High Seasons" series
Ben Marcin
Baltimore, MD
from “Last House Standing”
Svala Ragnars
from the series “Orka”

"Photographers continue to write because they need to have their pictures reproduced in quantity; it is the only way they can convey an adequately sized vision of things. To get published I have tried every ind of cheating - I have quoted others to the same end as mine, I have talked about photography in general in order to imply what I was attempting personally. Experience has shown, however, that the best way to avoid talking about the pictures is to talk about their subjects - tract houses or fields or trees or any of the the myriad and interesting details of life. If you have to fill the quiet of a picture, the least destructive way seems to be to speak about what was in front of the camera rather than about what you made of it. It seems the least a trick, the closest you can get to speaking about the meaning of a picture without actually doing so."


Robert Adams

from the “Writing" chapter, in "Why People Photograph" (1994) by Robert Adams, pg. 35

"Part of the reason that these attempts at explanation fail, I think, is that photographers, like all artists, choose their medium because it allows them the most fully truthful expression of their vision."


Robert Adams

from the “Writing chapter, in “Why People Photograph" (1994) by Robert Adams, pg.33 

Ibán Ramón Photography
from ‘establisments / settlements’
Ibán Ramón Photography
from ‘establisments / settlements’
by Thisse Loïc
from ‘Swamp Song II’