Untitled (Ghost Photograph no. 111), 2013, 8”x 10”

Stiletto Studios, Chair, “Consumer’s Rest”, ca. 1991. Metal. Museum purchase from Eleanor G. Hewitt Fund. 1992-112-1.
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Diving into Mapplethorpe. 
Courtesy of the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation.

tulum, mexico
march 2014

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Modality: These images manifest our thoughts and ideas. Shaped by our simultaneous experience, they represent perceptions of space and time, and depend on light, which is at the core of all image-making. This exhibition represents work by a group of artists bound only by the constraints of our understanding of a world we all share — and the images demonstrate the language we speak most fluently.


Please to say I’ve been selected as a featured artist at this year’s Head On Photo Festival. I will be showing my Transient Realities series for the first time at X88 Gallery in Chippendale. I’ll be posting more info about it due course. Here’s some of the images from Transient Realities.

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Photographer Chris Round’s work


Florent Tanet - 2013


Washington D.C. based photographer Frank Hallam Day has an eye for capturing the unseen beauty around us. 

Recently, he traveled to Lagos, Nigeria to photograph the hulls of hundreds of derelict ships in the harbor. 

These Photos of Ships’ Hulls Resemble Rothko Paintings

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Salton Sea: An Italian Photographer Documents a Surreal American Oasis

Italian photographer Nicholas Albrecht only expected to visit the Salton Sea for a few days, instead he stayed 10-months. His photographs document his personal experience of this isolated region in the Southern California desert.

When Photos Come to Life: The Art of the Cinemagraph

Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, inventors of the cinemagraph, talk to LightBox about their living photos which are quiet and contemplative, elevating the humble GIF into something much more refined.


by Carl Kleiner

Charles Negre

Ice Cream and Flowers for Kinfolk Magazine by Parker Fitzgerald